What I Do

Dawns Custom Creations specialize in original custom costumes or gowns. If you need a fantasy inspired garment or you’re looking for a unique wedding gown. I can work with you to develop your custom garment or costume. If you’re looking for more of something fully historically correct or just inspired from that era.

If you have an idea but need more of a design outline of your custom creation; I can work with you developing your idea through all of the stages to complete your unique creation. I can also provide you with a variety of resources to help you through this process, if needed. So whether it’s an unique Steampunk attire you desire, a fancy corset or an elaborate Victorian authentic outfit.

I can suggest fabrics, embellishments and undergarments that will work best with your design if not to sure what to use with your garment for your budget.  I’m a home-based business I do not make more that a few gowns, costumes a year, so all of my costumes and dresses are unique, not commercially produced but all are handmade and one-of-a-kind.  My work is divided into two different focuses: direct retail sales of in-stock items and custom pieces for individuals contracts.